Awarded "A Very Special Stay" One MICHELIN Key 2024


Sep 14 6:00pm - 7:30pm

A Conversation About…

Hosted at Library

A Conversation About… – Members Only

The intangibles of leadership.

Join a fantastic group of women to discuss what makes a good leader great.  A great leader builds a culture that engages people emotionally. It is the subtleties that matter and adjustments in style can produce amazing results!  We will be sharing and discussing skills, insights, and perspectives that will enable you to improve your leadership journey. The conversation will be led by Teresa Taylor.

About Teresa Taylor:

Throughout her career Teresa Taylor nurtured and built a legacy of pioneering change, vision and demonstrated leadership that earned her praise by investor media, shareholders and employees. This former Chief Operating Officer of Qwest Communications now leverages her experience, passion and talents in the public boardroom. She brings experience and leadership that has contributed to the success and growth of major companies. As past COO of Qwest, she led the telecom giant through an acquisition by CenturyLink, facilitating the $20 billion process and navigating the complexities of a large corporate merger. Prior to her 25 years with Qwest, she worked with several startup technology companies. Ms. Taylor resides in Denver, Colorado and is active in the community and public affairs of Colorado.

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