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Nov 03 8:30am - 10:00am

Entrepreneurship Club

Hosted at Rooftop Restaurant

Entrepreneurship Club

Clayton Entrepreneurship Club is a monthly roundtable discussion and community-building initiative for our entrepreneur-minded members. Each month focuses on a specific topic (i.e. fundraising, digital marketing, partnerships, etc.) with an expert in this area to help facilitate the discussion. The goal of Entrepreneurship Club is to foster an open and supportive space for our members to discuss opportunities and challenges they are facing in their ventures. It is open to all levels of entrepreneurs; from those with an idea to those currently running a business and beyond. Hosted by Andrea Weinberg.

November Meeting: The Psychology of Going Big with Hilary Silver

The most overlooked and undervalued variable to our success is our mindset and psychology as business owners. In fact, the single most important determining factor of a business’s success, is the business owner’s psychology. In this session, Hilary will be sharing how she helps top performing CEOs and entrepreneurs not only achieve their current goals but go beyond what they ever imagined possible, by focusing less on what they are DOING and more on who they are BEING.

About Hilary Silver:

Hilary is a clinical psychotherapist turned master coach and a multi-seven figure entrepreneur. She hosts women’s mastermind classes and is a private advisor to top-performing entrepreneurs. Hilary is building her next venture, Essenessë, an exclusive private network for elite entrepreneurial women.