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Jul 25 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Exceptional Talks with Dr. Joe Johnson

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Exceptional Talks with Dr. Joe Johnson

7:00PM-9:00PM | Tuesday, July 25th | Library

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Exceptional Talks are a series of mastery inspired conversations that explore the nuanced Traillionaires trademarked approach – “where exceptional is the norm.” These talks are meant to extract the myriad of methods and strategies that exceptional business people and creatives use to move to the point of excellence. The ability to repeat and accelerate excellence is where exceptional lives. The Traillionaires “Exceptional Talks” are a means to extract these methods and a distillation of these formulas into luxurious conversations that not only inspired, but move high performers to their next level of being exceptional.  On July 25 join us in the library with guest speaker Dr. Joe Johnson.
About Joe: Dr. Joe Johnson is a highly regarded international speaker on unleashing your purpose. He has worked with dozens of prominent organizations in the United States like Toyota, FedEx, and the National Guard, helping to transform culture and develop employees professionally and personally. With a PhD in Counselor Education, common sense, and street sense, Dr. Joe’s versatility has allowed him to gain over 20 years of experience in transformation work. He’s worked in and with the K-12 school system, higher education institutions like the University of Michigan and UCLA, fortune 500 companies, and many individuals rediscovering their true selves and ready to unleash their purpose. His insights have been seen on many national platforms like NBC, VH1, OWN and several other media outlets. As the author of the book, “Pursue Your Purpose Not Your Dreams,” the creator of the Strategic Goal Setting Mastermind Session and the Heal Now movement, Dr. Joe continues to transform the lives of individuals and take organizations to their next level by helping them to Think, Act, and Live with purpose and intention.
Who Had Exceptional Talks:
Robert Kraft, Owner of the New England Patriots

Senator Mike Johnston, Denver Mayoral Candidate

Justin Simien, Director of Dear White People

Natasha Billup, Marketing & Sales Kroenke Sports

Tremayne Norris, Producer

Sigrid Dyekjaer, Oscar Nominated Producer

Kyle Laursen, Producer Culture Machine