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Jun 21 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Ignite Your Aura Photography Pop Up

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Ignite Your Aura Photography Pop Up

4pm-5pm | June 21st | Library

This complimentary event is for members only. 

Aura photography utilizes our bioelectric feedback to measure and interpret our energetic bodies. It offers new perspectives on our current world, the inner work we have been cultivating, and new directions to explore.

Corinna and Matt started Ignite Your Aura together deciding that they could be the creators of their own life. For them FUN, is our #1  value. They love being able to come together as partners and decide that life can always be playful, with a side of spiritual. They are in love with growing Ignite Your Aura, as it allows them to meet each other in our brilliance, and to connect with so many individuals on their healing paths.