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Jul 27 10:00am - 11:00am

Kids Storytime: Daddy Joe’s Cowboy Capers

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Kids Storytime: Daddy Joe’s Cowboy Capers

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM| Saturday, July 27 | Library

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Join us for Kids Storytime with Clayton member, artist, and author Joseph Graves. Joseph recently launched “Daddy Joe’s Cowboy Capers” as a memoir of his favorite moments of his childhood. Joseph not only wrote this book but also created the amazing illustrations. Joseph will read the book, take the kiddos on a journey through the Wild West, and encourage them to use their imaginations and embrace their inner cowboy and cowgirl spirit with fun games and improv.

About the Book

Daddy Joe’s Cowboy Capers” is a charming children’s book by Joseph Graves that follows the heartwarming adventures of two young cowboys, Joe and Jerry. The story kicks off when their mischievous dog, Butch, repeatedly soils the neighbor’s lawn, leading the boys into a series of humorous and engaging escapades. Through their adventures, themes of forgiveness and moral lessons are explored, making the narrative both entertaining and educational for young readers. The book captivates its audience with its relatable characters and valuable life lessons.