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Clayton Contributes Fund

Our mission is to organize, inspire, and harness the power of the Clayton Members and the local community to enable lasting impact for historically underserved and marginalized communities in Denver.
Over the past year, we have carefully and thoughtfully considered our purpose and our mission to ensure we are in the best position to support our local community charities. With Clayton’s 5 pillars as our foundation – Be Authentic, Be Inclusive, Be Generous, Be Curious, Be Fun – we plan to promote community-based programs and partnerships that align with our values, our mission, and our vision.
We believe that opportunities for advancement should be accessible to all people – including specifically, those identifying with or historically classified as part of a minority group and those who were and continue to be systemically barred from opportunity. Through a concerted focus on “Opportunity,” CCF’s work will seek to address the inequity inherent in our existing social systems. CCF will therefore organize and leverage the power of the collective by advancing the principles of Opportunity, Equity, and Inclusion (OEI), through broader collaboration with the community.
New challenges offer greater opportunities; our goal is to embrace both as they arise. We will evolve as we grow and adjust to Denver’s rolling landscape and, adapt to meet the needs of the communities we serve.”