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Apr 11 8:30am - 10:00am

Entrepreneurship Club

Hosted at Library

Entrepreneurship Club

8:30 AM – 10:00 AM | Thursday, April 11 | Library

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Should I invest in Digital Marketing? Do I need to hire an agency? 

Digital Marketing has changed the landscape of advertising and continues to evolve rapidly. Industry experts Chris Suglia and Samantha Shennum help us to identify whether digital marketing makes sense for our various businesses, which channels to pursue, and whether to pursue a DIY route or work through an agency. And if we choose the agency route, how best to identify an agency’s credibility?

About Chris Suglia

With 8+ years of digital marketing experience building storytelling frameworks for SMBs and Fortune 500 Brands, Chris knows the exact recipe to prepare your brand for long-term growth. He started his career as a research consultant at Gartner, where he coached executives on best practices for scaling businesses and retaining top talent.

About Samantha Shennum

Previously working for some of the most successful agencies in the country, Samantha has managed 100,000+ PPC campaigns across Google, Bing and Youtube spending over $100m in advertising spending on the platform.