Awarded "A Very Special Stay" One MICHELIN Key 2024


Jun 18 12:00am - 6:30pm

So You Want to Be an Anti-Racist ?- Workshop with Joce Blake

Hosted at

From how to be an upstander to discussions around the invisibility of Black women to tools on how to interrupt micro aggressions, Joce will lead an immersive experience guaranteed to show members how to be an active and effective ally. An intimate, safe and brave space with snacks and beverages.



About Joce Blake- “Just a girl from Memphis, tryna be the next Oprah. Joce = Fashion loving, hot Cheetos eating, stiletto wearing, iPhone having, Beetle driving, creative soul. The sophistiratchet enthusiast has southern belle roots as she was born and raised in Memphis, TN. This creative has always been intrigued by pushing her culture forward. She believes her unique voice and ability to connect with people through her writing sets her apart from others.”